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What is the County's millage rate?

The county’s tax rate is referred to as the “millage rate” because it is expressed in math terms as a “mill”. One mill produces $1.00 in taxes for each $1000 worth of assessed property value. The assessed value in Georgia is 40% of a property’s Fair Market Value as determined by the county Board of Assessors. The sum of all the taxable values less any exemptions in a county is known as the “Tax Digest”.

The tax rate is annually determined by the Rockdale County Board of Commissioners, the City of Conyers and the Rockdale County School Board for their respective revenue needs. These three governments determine their tax rates by dividing their budgets by their tax digest. That fraction is then multiplied by 1000 to determine the “millage rate”.

For example, the County has a budget of $23,000,000 and the taxable digest is $1,500,000,000 or $23,000,000/$1,500,000,000 = .01533. In this example the tax rate would be .01533 or .01533 x 1000 = 15.33 mills.

To continue this example to an individual’s tax bill lets assume a property fair market value of $150,000. The assessed value would be 40% of $150,000 or $60,000. The county’s portion of property taxes from our example would be $60,000 x .01533 = $919.80. As expressed in millage rate terms 15.33 mills would be $15.33 per $1000 of assessed value or 15.33 mills x $60 = $919.80. 

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