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Marriage Licenses

All Probate Courts in the State of Georgia are responsible for issuing marriage licenses. A marriage license is good in the State of Georgia. For marriages/weddings taking place outside the State of Georgia, one must contact that state for license information.

The following is required for the issuance of a marriage license in Rockdale County: 

  • The bride and the groom must come to the Probate Court office together to complete the marriage license application. No appointment is required for issuance of licenses.
  • If either party has been previously married, the Court requires a copy (not certified) of either a final divorce decree or a death certificate, whichever applies.
  • The bride and groom must have valid identification. The court will accept any valid Driver's License if the parties are over eighteen (18). All identification must be in English.
  • If the parties who are getting married are both out-of-state residents, then the marriage license must be obtained in the county in which the marriage will occur.
  • Effective May 14, 2010, the marriage license fees are as follows:
    • $16.00 for couples with a certificate of pre-marriage counseling; (NOTE: Original certificate or letter on original church letterhead - No photocopies accepted); or
    • $56.00 for couples without a certificate of pre-marriage counseling.
  • Marriage Licenses may be paid with cash or debit card. Use of a debit card incurs a $3.95 service fee.
  • Office hours for obtaining a Marriage License are 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.
  • Georgia does not require blood tests for marriage licenses.

Certified Copies of Marriage Licenses:
Once a marriage license has been issued and the ceremony is performed, the officiate will return the license to the Probate Court where it was issued. The Court then records the marriage license and it will become a permanent record of that Court. The court where the license is recorded is the only office that will be able to certify your marriage.

To effect a name change or verify marriage by certification, the couple must obtain a certified copy of the marriage license. This is not an automatic procedure in Rockdale County. You must request a copy of the certificate of marriage. You may request a certified copy of the marriage license by writing to the Probate Court, or visit the Court in person.

If you wish to request a certified copy by mail, write a brief letter and give the following information:

  • The date of marriage
  • The groom's name; and
  • The bride's name at the time of application
  • Include a self-addressed stamped, envelope 
  • Include a daytime telephone number

If you wish to request a certified copy in person, visit the Probate Court office during regular business hours.

The charge for a certified copy of a marriage license and/or a certified copy of a marriage license application is $10.00 for each copy requested.