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Victim's Rights Services & Services Provided by the Victim Witness Program

  • Give moral support by having someone available to you
  • Help if you are intimidated, harassed or afraid
  • Inform you or the status and progression of the case
  • Assist you in preparing for court appearances and proceedings
  • Attend court with you
  • Assist you in getting back your property that is being held as evidence by police
  • Refer you to social service agencies to help you deal with issues resulting from the crime
  • Intervention with employer when necessary for you to miss work due to court appearances
  • Provide you with information regarding probation and/or parole
  • Protect address, phone number and place of employment information from the accused
  • Notification of proceedings and victim's role
  • Notification of pre-trial release possibility, victim rights, compensation and services.
  • Express opinion and file complaint of accused's threatening behavior after release
  • Express opinion regarding disposition, plea negotiations and diversion programs
  • Separate waiting area during court proceedings
  • Notification of appeal/new trial
  • Notification of parole or clemency proceedings
  • You also have the right not to talk to a defense attorney or any representatives of the defendant before the trial.

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