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get a permit to hold a yard sale?

In May 2005, the Board of Commissioners adopted a section of the Code of Ordinances of Rockdale County, providing for an exemption for garage sales to the business licensing regulations.  You do not need a permit to hold a sale.

Below are outlines regarding garage sales being held within the County.  To view/print the complete ordinance, please see the link attached.

Ordinance #: O-2005-09

Garage Sales:
(1) Shall only be conducted by a private individual or group of individuals or a non-profit or charitable group.
(2) Shall be held no more than four (4) times per calendar year per parcel of land.
(3) Shall be limited to three (3) consecutive days per event and subject to any relevant health, zoning or other regulatory ordinances as may be in effect.
(4) Are only for the sale of used personal items and/or goods that are the property of the person(s) holding the sale and not merchandise purchased for the purpose of resale.
(5) Are not conducted as part of any for-profit business enterprise or profession.

For purposes of this article the term "garage sale" shall mean the sale of used household and/or personal items or goods by an individual at their principal residence or by a group of individuals combining such household and/or personal items or goods for a group garage sale at one of their principal residences and shall include, but not be limited to yard sales, garage sales, bake sales, carport sales, estate sales, basement sales and bazaars.

Signs advertising garage sales may be erected in accordance with the County's Sign Ordinance.