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Residency Affidavits

The Probate Judges for the State of Georgia are responsible for verifying residency of persons in their county.  Residency verification is most often requested when applying for alcohol beverage licenses, college/school admissions and other miscellaneous matters.

Residency Affidavit for School

Usually with state license applications there is a form provided, to be completed by the judge.  Also, for college applications a form is usually provided.  The school afidavit is for persons living in the county with a third party and a child that will be attending a school in Rockdale County.

When submitting an affidavit, you must provide the court with proof of your residency, some proof that you have been in this county for a minimum of one year and/or, if living with another party, that you are in fact residing in their home.  This can be obtained from a current Georgia's Drivers License, if that license is more than one (1) year old.  If that is not a form of proof available, then a lease, deed or tag receipt is an example of acceptable evidence that may be exhibited.

Only the judge can sign the affidavit; therefore, it is important to contact the Probate Court to determine the judge's availability.  The cost for a residency affidavit is $15.


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