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Fact Sheet


Approved Transportation Plan - 2005 SPLOST
Milstead Avenue at Milstead Road
Pleasant Hill at West Hightower Trail
RO 015D
- Parker Road, Phase 2
RO 015E - Parker Road, Phase 3
RO 017A - Klondike Road
RO 023 - Smyrna Road
RO 023A - Dogwood Drive Extension
RO 025C - Flat Shoals Road
RO 034 - Old Covington Hwy
RO 138B - SR138 Widening
RO 138C - Old Salem Road Connector
RO 138D - SR138/20 Widening
RO 206 - SR162 (Same Road Widening)
RO 212 - Lakefield Drive Extension
RO 222B - East Freeway Drive Extension, Phase 2
RO 230 - Iris Drive at McDaniel Mill Road
RO 231- Pleasant Hill Road at Lenora Church Road
RO 232 - Old Salem Road at McCalla Road
RO 235A - Sigman Road Extension
RO 235D - Sigman Road Widening
RO 235E2 - Sigman Road at Gees Mill Road
RO 236 - SR20 at Bell Road
RO 237 - Klondike at Hurst/McDaniel Mill Roads
RO 238 - Old Covington Road at Sigman Road/North Salem Road
RO 242C - SR20 North at West Hightower Trail
RO 243 - Salem Gate Extension
RO 249 - Irwin Bridge Road Bridge Replacement
Smyrna Road at Flat Shoals Road
SR20 at Sugar Creek Drive
SR138 at E. Fairview Road
SR138 at Tucker Mill
SR138 at Tucker Mill (Walker)
SR212 at Bailey Road
SR212 at Smyrna-O'Neal

Terms & Definitions:

ARC - Atlanta Regional Commission
GRTA - Georgia Regional Transportation Authority
GDOT - Georgia Department of Transportation
TIP - Transportation Improvement Program
RTP - Regional Transportation Plan
SPLOST - Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax

Please note: Estimated costs as shown on the individual project fact sheets are subject to change as the project progresses.