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Project: County Jail Expansion

SPLOST Authorization: $24.1 million
Architect: Rosser International
Construction: Turner Construction Company
Completed: December 2008

The jail expansion will relieve overcrowding in the existing jail by more than doubling the number of beds. The expansion will connect to the back of the existing men’s jail and will provide a new public entrance from Sigman Industrial Court. New booking, intake, kitchen and medical facilities will greatly improve security and functionality within the jail and will be capable of accommodating a future 400-bed expansion.

Features include:

  • Dedicated public entrance separated from the operational side of the jail
  • Prisoner visitation by video improves security and reduces staff time dedicated to prisoner movement within the facility
  • Dedicated medical facility
  • The building layout is referenced as follows:
  • Area “A” – Public area / Visitation
  • Area “B” – 2-man and 4-man cells and day rooms
  • Area “C” – Dormitory cells and kitchen
  • Area “D” – Intake and medical