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Facility Rental Rules & Regulations

The purpose of facilities is to satisfy the activity, social, meeting space and recreational needs of the citizens of Rockdale County. Certain regulations become necessary to assure fair usage and to provide the maximum effective use for the greatest number of people possible. 
  1. All activities conducted on Rockdale County Recreation and Maintenance property must be in compliance with local, state and federal laws and in keeping with standards of reasonable behavior. 
  1. Use of recreation facilities, by non-recreational affiliated groups, shall not have priority over, nor in any way conflict with, any recreation-affiliated activity. 
  1. The department may approve the use of recreation facilities, by non-recreation groups, in the following categories: 
a.)     Rockdale County residents and businesses
b.)    Civic groups and churches
c.)     Commercial
d.)    Out-of-County individual, group and business
  1. Rentals will only be issued to person’s 21 years of age and older. 
  1. Specific approval by the Recreation and Maintenance Division Department Head is required if an event will involve admission fees or fundraising. 
  1. Each user group shall agree to “hold harmless” the Rockdale County Recreation and Maintenance Division for any injury or damage to a person in the use of said premises. 
  1. The person named on the Rental Agreement shall be present at the function and any action or conduct of any individual participating in the activities at the rented facility will be the responsibility of the person who signed the rental agreement. 
  1. Rental party must vacate the facility when the reservation time expires. Only the renting party will use the facility for the reservation time. Renting party must vacate the facility whether people are waiting to use the facility or not. 
  1. Renters must agree to clean up the facilities after the function including restrooms by depositing all litter in the trash receptacles. 
  1. Activities must be completed by dark unless prior approval has been given by the Recreation and Maintenance Division and is noted on the rental agreement. 
  1. The Black Shoals Reservoir can be rented for fishing tournaments by organizations, only booking of tournament must be made on month prior to expected dater of tournament organization must provide a special event permit, and it must be received day of booking. The Rockdale County Recreation and Maintenance Division have the authority to deny any party use of the reservoir for a tournament.
  1.  Pavilions are on a first come – first serve basis on holiday weekends. Holiday weekend consists of Saturday and Sunday and on Monday (if holiday falls on a Monday).
  1. When renting Black Shoals Pavilion, the rental fee does not include daily admission fees into park. 
  1. Church groups may only reserve “county facilities” to hold services if the following requirements are met: 1) church has filed and received 501c3 status, and 2) church is in the process of building facility and must provide layout/architecture drawings of the building.
  1. Cleaning of the Rockdale County Government Annex Meeting Rooms is
MANDATORY. All trash must be removed by renter before leaving facility. Failure to make arrangements for removal of trash will result that the renter will not have cleaning/damage deposit returned.
  1. Parking at the Pine Log Pavilion is only allowed on park property. Parking at church parking lot is PROHIBITED.
Payment of Fees: 
  1. All fees must be paid by the close of business on the day reservations are made. The only exceptions are: light fees at Johnson Park Softball fields, Rockdale County Auditorium and Earl O’Neal Sports Complex. Reservations of the Rockdale County Auditorium and rooms at the Rockdale County Government Annex must be booked and paid for at least a month ahead of time or after hour rentals at the Johnson Park Recreation Center.
  2. Cancellation of a reservation for a facility must be done 2 weeks prior to reservation date for a refund. EXCEPTION: Reservation fees for the pavilion at Pine Log Park, South Rockdale Community Park, Wheeler Park and Black Shoals Reservoir are non-refundable. 
  3. Pool Rental: In case of inclement weather, staff will wait 30 minutes, if weather persists, a full refund will be given. Partial refund will be granted if party begins and inclement weather develops. 
  4. School functions held at pavilions or meeting rooms will be waived with the condition the function is during school hours.
  5. Functions must end at designated time. Rental parties will be charged an extra hour rental rate for going over rental time.
    1. Rockdale County Residents and Businesses: This category includes someone whose primary residence or place of business is located within the county limits of Rockdale. 
    2. Civic Groups and Churches: This category is for organizations based in Rockdale County and churches that own land within Rockdale County. Organizations in this category must be of religious, charitable, fraternal or education nature. Examples include but are not limited to Rotary Club, Kiwanis Club, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts and churches that own property in Rockdale County. 
    3. Commercial: This category includes functions where the individual or business is conducting business-related sales or marketing type functions/meetings. 
    4. Out-of-County Individual, Group and Business: This category includes someone whose primary residence is located outside the county limits of Rockdale or a group or business that does not qualify under “civic group” or Rockdale County resident and business” categories.