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Stormwater Projects

Most people do not realize that there are many stormwater pipes and structures under and along the roadways that they drive on every day. The Rockdale County Stormwater Utility is responsible for inspecting and maintaining over 128 miles of pipe and more than 20,000 structures within the County’s right-of-way.

Unfortunately, a significant portion of the County’s stormwater infrastructure is in disrepair and inadequate in its current state. Over time, drainage system components have deteriorated, separated, clogged, broken, or have otherwise become unsuitable. Also, some (usually older) drainage system components are undersized for the amount of stormwater that drains to them. Many serious consequences can result from improper management and failure of the County’s stormwater infrastructure, including: flooding of roadways, road collapse, property damage, contamination of water sources, and drowning hazards.