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Storm Drain Stenciling Program

A storm drain marker or stencil is a 4-inch diameter plastic decal with the message “No Dumping, Drains to Stream”. During the storm drain stenciling program, volunteers, at their own pace, attach the stencils with glue to local storm drain inlets or structures to remind the general public not to pour or dump anything into storm drains. Anything that enters a storm drain or storm sewer system is released without treatment into nearby water bodies used for swimming, fishing and drinking. Attaching stencils to storm drains helps to remind and educate citizens that water quality and aquatic life are directly affected by any pollutants entering storm drains. The Stormwater Utility has implemented a storm drain stenciling program through which volunteers can receive a free demonstration and stenciling kit from stormwater personnel with all supplies necessary to attach the markers to the storm drains within the County. This program is a great opportunity for volunteers, businesses, neighborhood associations, students, and youth groups to be a solution to downstream stormwater pollution and eliminate pollution at its source!

Valid stenciling participation will qualify participants for a 5% Watershed Stewardship Stormwater Utility Credit on their County stormwater utility bill. Please refer to the Rockdale County Stormwater Utility Credit Manual (click here) for complete details.

For more information about the storm drain stenciling program, or to participate, please contact the Stormwater Utility at 770-278-7142 or email

Please view the following information for more information about the storm drain stenciling program:

Stenciling Flyer
Safety Briefing