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Rockdale County Animal Control Ordiance

Code Section: Chapter 18: Animals* is the local code section pertaining to animals.  Please see the links for further detailed information.

If you still have questions regarding local County laws regarding animals, please contact Animal Control.

To view/print a code section, click on the link below and type in the "search" box the exact code section you wish to obtain.

Rockdale County Code 
18-1. Animals creating nuisances.
18-2. When collar and tag required.
18-3. Duty of owner to keep dog under control.
18-4. Impounding of violators.
18-5. Redemption; adoption; disposition.
18-6. Interference with animal control officer.
18-7. Enforcement procedure for handling violations.
18-8. Humane treatment of animals.
18-9. Tethering.
18-10. Dangerous dog control law.