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Storm Sewer Video Inspection and Cleaning Services

As part of the Stormwater Utility’s stormwater management program, the County is acquiring contracted services for storm sewer video inspections and cleaning. Storm sewer video inspection is the use of electronic video equipment to enter the storm drain system and take video photography of the system internally. The video inspection services will be searching for damaged, deteriorated and/or obstructed portions of storm sewer pipes and structures. The inspection will also be looking for conduits or pipes connected to the County’s storm drain system and any unusual debris, film, foam, discoloration, discharge or other indicators of stormwater pollution.

The storm sewer video inspections are part of a continued effort to identify illegal connections and illicit discharges to the County’s storm drain system. The video inspections will be utilized to search for the source of illicit discharges when dry weather flows are found during the dry weather screening program or the County is notified through citizen concerns. The video inspections will also help identify impending structural failures or other maintenance needs/concerns of the storm drain system.

The storm sewer cleaning services are part of the County’s continued effort to clean clogged and obstructed storm drain systems to ensure they are in good operating condition. The cleaning services will include the use of vacuum and water jetting equipment to remove sediment, debris and other waste materials from obstructed storm sewer pipes and structures. The cleaning services will help to reduce flooding, prevent structural failures, and keep the County’s drainage system in an operational condition.